Let`s play keno game together!

Casino industry is full of surprises, when it comes to various and intriguing games, but it is not a secret to anybody that online gambling sphere is even more exciting, if a player wants an abundance of options. The various games in online casinos are so many that sometimes, there are games even the biggest players haven`t ever tried. And what about beginners in the field? They might be even more disturbed as to the different games and as to how to learn them all. As a matter of fact, trying new games is always beneficial to gain more experience in the field and to seek those alternatives that seem profitable for your practice. Thankfully, with our short, but detailed and useful guides about different casino games, you can get the idea of most of them. Today, we focus your attention on one classical game – keno. Let`s play keno game together!

What is keno?

keno ballsKeno is not just a classical, but also an old game. When it was established, few centuries ago, casino even did not exist. However, with the adoption of so many different board and mainly card games in online gambling sphere, keno has become one of them, too. The history of keno, though, began in China. The game, itself looks and reminds of lotto – also a very common gambling alternative from online and physical casinos. The big popularity for keno began in the middle of 19th century – in USA – when Chinese people became too many there to be deprived of the chance to bring and establish their culture and traditions in the States. Mainly, it was the big group of railroad and mine workers – immigrants from China – who brought the game in USA. Being so easy to be played and very exciting, when advancing in different directions, keno is now a typical casino game with big possibility to win and usually high payout rating – with no necessity of giant wager.

How to play keno?

Before getting started making your first and hopefully winning strategy for keno, learn how to play the game. Please, be aware that the rules of this game are super easy and you will not have any difficulties into learning and getting used to them. The game concentrates on numbers, which are inserted into a table with several lines and rows that form a rectangle. Your game is to chose specific numbers, but not randomly. Your choice is at least 4 numbers and up to 10 numbers. The numbers are between 1 and 80. When you select a number, it becomes spot and when you select all the 10 numbers, you get a 10 spot game. Simply point a blank Keno ticket with the numbers of your choice. Then show your ticket to the Keno desk with your wager and you will be given a new ticket. Later, 20 Keno balls with numbers will be drawn at random from a barrel containing 80 numbered balls, and if enough of your selected numbers are drawn, you are a winner. This is how you will see your results.

Helpful tips about playing winning keno games

Now, when you know the basic rules of keno game, it is our duty to show you how to advance in it. For this purpose, you are free to use all of our pack of tips and tricks. They are all specially tailored for keno game and they are all tested and proved to be profitable and winning. Check them out now:
Tips for playing Keno

  • Pay attention, because counting and following the game is the main approach to win. Keno is about fastness and details and once you lose one of these factors, you risk your entire strategy to fail.
  • Don`t fall in the common trap to pick numbers in patterns, because practice and experts have showed that this strategy just does not work. Of course, in many cases you will have matched patterns coming, but this is mostly a chance or happening by luck.
  • Also, avoid being on a lot of numbers. This will spoil the odd and wager correlation and in most cases it does not bring you the money you expect to receive as an earning.
  • Always be aware of two main things – your numbers and the odds. The odds are on mandatory important to be followed, so you can avoid the mistake to put too much attention on something that does not worth it that much.
  • Begin your keno trial, start with small bets. And to be more specific, start with less smaller stakes, but look for safe and average odds to get the experience you need at first.
  • To increase your odds in a keno game, you have many alternatives such as bonuses, contests and even jackpots to participate in. Coins for keno have been also lately introdcued.
  • Don`t stuck in keno games for life, but diversify your activity. It`s not that keno game does not wort it as much as some other casino, but making it a routine will be harmful for your reasonable and logical activity.

You can find keno game in most casino websites. Just like in physical casinos, gambling pages also include it, because it is popular and very preferable. We strongly recommend you to try it at least once!

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