Poker as the most popular game you can meet and play in a casino!

Maybe, asking you what`s the most popular casino games in your opinion is not the most logical and adequate question. Because after all, this is by all means the most common game and choice a player can make, while browsing any or a new gambling website. Poker is also one of the oldest casino games, but even though, there are yet people, who might find some difficulties into playing poker. This is, though, normal, because unlike most of today`s common casino games, poker requires you to think, to count, to be smart and manipulative, to delude and to analyze. All of these actions make it clear for everyone to understand that you need to know the basics, the rules and the main strategies for poker. And today, our job is going to be focused on these things. We would like to introduce you the most typical and common things about poker. Let`s get started, dear gambling enthusiasts!

What is poker?

poker cards and chips

Poker is one of the oldest and most popular game with cards. The typical thing about this game is that it is considered to be a game of the chance, which usually means that luck and chance are all factors that matter for the final outcome, but in this case, it is not a secret to anybody that poker, definitely, requires from you to consider and think, to have a strategy, to know how to act the next time and etc. This is because poker is equal chance game, which means that all the players have equal, the same chance to win. Also, the game is of the type, where you don`t play against the dealer, a feature that is observed in most casino games in general.

It is said that poker history began in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards. But this is written by the big player Joseph Cowell, who is more interested in the real poker game – the one based in a real physical casino – than the real origin of the game. Speaking of which, according to the historical records, poker at first appeared as a standard family card game, which, we do understand sound to you a bit weird, considering the fact that most of today`s negative opinion for poker are all linked to the chances for a poker-addicted person to ruin his family. Still, what you have to know about poker today is that this game is a chance game, with equal chance that is, though, influenced by mental potential and skills of the players more than the luck.

How to play poker?

Poker rules are not harsh and once you learn them, you can play the game with amazing pleasure and with the possibility to advance with each next game. This is because of the intellectual element of the game. It allows you to go beyond the rules, meaning not cheating, but considering the rules on the side of your wellness and strategies. We will try to explain the basic, the standard rules of the game, but please, have in mind that they may vary depending on the poker game type.

How to play poker

In poker, all the cards are dealt clockwise, which means around the poker table. The first two people are made to make a bet, which bet is followed – accepted, fold or increased by the rest of the players. The increase of the bet is not endless and in the end those, who have paid your increased bet remain on the table with a certain hand of cards. Cards are gathered into groups – flush, of the same color, triples, pairs and etc. We will not explain you what`s the most winning combination, because different poker type has its own rules about it. So it is probably more efficient to provide you with decent, but brief information about the most common poker types.

What are the most popular and played poker types?

Let us give you some instructions about distinguishing the different types of poker game. Here are the main types you can meet in most physical and online casinos today:

  • Texas hold em – the most famous poker type today. It is payed with the standard 52 cards and the best 5-card hand here wins. The game starts with 2 hole cards for each player. Each new hand begins with a small blind, a big blind, and a round of betting. The betting rules vary depending upon whether the game is Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit.
  • Omaha poker is also a very popular poker type. Here, the players are dealt 5 hole cards in the beginning. Also, the Omaha poker has the popular term flopet (a single shared community card dealt before the flop and the initial round of betting).
  • Stud hi poker, on the other side, is the 7-card poker, where all players begin with 2 cards, end up with 7 and a pot for every single beginning of each mini game. The new thing here is the ante into the pot and it is not exactly a blind and it does not count towards the next blinds.

Not playing poker at all and being a fan of casino is pity. So give yourself some chances here, too!

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