Get to know the most popular gambling game – the roulette!

Gambling industry has fully changed its nature since it has been adopted by online world. Once virtual casinos opened their doors for anyone – regardless who and where he is – the whole industry has become more customer-friendly, more accessible and what is more important, it became more profitable and convenient to play anywhere and anytime. This is how casino games that have not been that popular before, eventually got closer to people. And on the other side, casino games with a reputation to be the top priorities for gamblers reached even more fans. Such a game, for instance, is the roulette. We all do know that it is, indeed, one of the most preferred and offered gambling options in both – physical and online casinos. However, it is true that before becoming with an online area, gambling was not accessible and tried by anybody. Today, all of you have the chance to give it a try. So do you and with roulette. But before that, find out more about this game in details.

What is the roulette game?

casino game roulette

By all means, the roulette is one of the most common casino games. You can find it any physical and online casino no matter who`s the owner and what`s the country it is based in. It is impossible for a casino to be opened or registered (if it`s based in internet) without having a roulette. No one will visit the page. No one will appreciate it as a serious and competitive one.

If we try to follow the history of casino roulette, we must say that the game appeared back in 18th century. Moreover – up to now we do know many different variations of this game. What links and connects them all is the roulette or the wheel, itself. Once you understand how it works, you will understand how to profit from online casino.

What you have to know about the wheel is that It has 38 numbers, including 1 through 36, a single zero, and a double zero. If you’re choose the European version, you will have only 37 numbers appeared, because the double zero is absent. Also, the numbers here are not listed consecutively. All of them are out of sequence. Keep in mind that the dealer is the one, who spins the wheel. He`s also known as the croupier and you cannot turn the wheel instead of him. You might notice that the wheel spins in one direction while the ball spins in the opposite direction. Except for the wheel, you will also have to know what the roulette board is. In short, it is where you place your stake, and you should be aware how the board is arranged and what it includes. The numbers of the wheel, for instance, are all replicated on the board. But instead of being out of sequence, they’re actually in consecutive order. You will have a winning bet, if the chirps drops directly on the number, right on the felt.

What are the different types of online casino roulette?

As we have already told you there are several types of the roulette game. We have mentioned you only the European version, so our list of roulette types starts with it:

  • European-Roulette European Roulette – What you must do here is to make a bet by putting a stake on a number from 1-36, then to choose, red or black, and consider the columns. There’s just the single zero in European Roulette, meaning the house edge is just 2.7%.
  • American-RouletteAmerican Roulette – This is the common and the traditional Vegas roulette that has the extra double 0, which means that the house edge rises to 5.26%. Make sure you’re aware of that before playing. Also, be aware that the payouts here are extremely big.
  • French-Roulette French Roulette – Similarly to European version of the casino roulette game, this one comes with the added En Prison and La Partage ‘insurance’ bets, which means that you can get half your money back if a Zero lands. Like cash back bonus, right?
  • Multi-Ball-RouletteMulti-Ball Roulette – Here, you need to gamble up to 3 balls on the same wheel and also at the same time! This is a very good opportunity to increase your profits, if by any chance you have a big lucky night and you keep winning and winning.
  • Multi-Wheel-Roulette Multi-Wheel Roulette – If you are bored of waiting for one wheel to finish spinning, you can gamble up to 8 tables at the same time. This is what you can do with the multi-roulette game. All you need to do is to make stakes on one table. Though, guess what – every single wheel does count!
  • Premier-RoulettePremier Roulette
  • Professional-Roulette-Games Professional Roulette Games
  • 3D-Roulette3D Roulette
  • Live-Dealer-RouletteLive Dealer Roulette – This roulette type offers you the exclusive chance to be at the same time online and in front of a real dealer. That’s the awesome thing about Live dealer roulette type  – it’s a real game of roulette and the money is real, but you are yet situated among the comfort of your home.
  • Spingo – This last, but not least type of a roulette, is a real awesome mixture of Bingo, Lotto and Roulette. Here, you need to place bets on various colors while numbered Lotto balls do their thing.

No matter what you will decide to try at first, casino roulette will by all means bring you lots of pleasure and we`ll hope money, too!