Discover the specifics about American roulette with us now!

The big abundance of online casino games makes it possible for a player to consider what suits his needs at most. And besides the different games, some of them have different versions according to their origin or style of playing. Roulette is such a game. You can meet several types of roulette outside the box of online gambling, because physical casinos have acquired the whole group of casino alternatives, too. Today, we are focusing your attention specifically at American roulette. Discover the specifics about American roulette with us now. And eventually this might become your most favorite alternative for making some earning from gambling! So let`s get started, guys!

What is American roulette exactly?

american rouletteAmerican roulette, at first, is a kind, type and version of the classical roulette game we have known for two centuries. But besides owning the most typical specifics roulette has in general, it is also distinguished by some features. Of course, the origin of the American roulette is the key element that makes it so different. It is common that in American type of a roulette, the house edge is higher. This is due to the fact that it is played using a double zero roulette wheel. Well, let us remind you that standard European roulette has a single zero roulette wheel. It is not the wheel that is the only thing that distinguished the American roulette with the other types of gambling roulette. It is also known that American roulette has a pocket for the 0 and also a 00, which shows the higher advantage that the house has – higher with about 5%. Also, all of the numbers inside the American roulette wheel are located in pairs opposite to each other. Things are not quite the same at the European numbers, where they are mixed and placed randomly. Last, but not least, in difference to European roulette, American type does not have different sub types like La Partage or en prison.

What`s the goal in American roulette?

It is not that difficult to guess what the main purpose in American roulette is, because all roulette types actually have it. The main goal for a player here is to precisely guess what numbered-slot the ball will end up on. If your guesses are exact, you will get the payout depending on your amount of wagers and the size of the bet you have made. As you can see, in short this is the same objective any other roulette type has.

How to play American roulette?

First of all, have in mind that American roulette usually uses completely different casino chips. In the beginning the difference appeared only physical casinos, but today we can also observe it online casinos. To play American roulette you must at first choose and count your chips and cash. Then, it is time for the players to make their bets. You can do both – make a single bet or combination. The chance to make a combination bet comes with better earning, but it is harder to achieve it. The next thing you need to do is to wait the dealer to spin the roulette wheel. Once the ball drops into one of the numbered pockets on the wheel, you realize whether you or some other player wins. The whole game continues with another and another spinning. The goal after each spin is the dealer (or the online casino) to count your profits depending on the bets you have made. You are free to remain on the table as long as you want, but giving up from the first spins is not always allowed to online players.
Table of the American ROulette

How to find a decent American roulette?

This isn`t a task that should make you feel difficulties about. However, it is our duty to give you some cool hints about it. See how to find a decent and reliable American roulette now?

  • Go check if your current online casino has American roulette. In most cases, it is not written on the front page, so you should click on roulette category and see what types you are offered.
  • Google it! This is the easiest thing to discover the top rated American roulette casinos. Just make sure you check out the feedback for each website in case you believe you have found the best opportunity ever.
  • Ask for a recommendation from a friend of yours, who is more experienced in gambling sphere. Explain him what you look for and you might be offered with some really reliable and interesting options.

American roulette is not so different from standard European roulette. So you will find no difficulties into understanding and playing it at all. We wish you good luck!