What do we have to know about European roulette?

european rouletteAmong all the casino games we do know today roulette is by all means the most typical and preferred one. When it comes to gambling, no matter where you play – in an online casino website or in a physical casino located in your favorite summer resort – and no matter what you like at most, thinking over your hands in poker or relying on luck with the slot machines, roulette is a game we never and we should not underestimate or pass. So whatever you are asking for in an online casino, roulette should be tried. But here`s the time you need to ask yourself if you want to give a try the European or the American roulette. There`s a difference between them actually and all gambling websites do image this difference. And today, we will discuss European roulette, particularly. Here is what you need to know about European roulette!

What is European roulette anyway?

European Roulette is a standard and one of the most common and oldest casino game. It is a typical roulette type, if we consider the general opinion that there are two common types of roulette game – American and European. So when it comes to the big group of roulette types, the European roulette, we can also name other types of roulette – like French roulette, for instance. European roulette, by the way, is also a typical game of chance. It uses a roulette wheel and a specially tailored betting grid. The main idea in the game is that the croupier spins the roulette wheel in one particular direction and spins the roulette ball in the opposite direction. What the player has to do is to bet on a one of the pocket numbers. The selection should be based on the player`s prediction as to where the roulette ball will eventually appear in after the spin. The European roulette wheel has 37 pockets: a single zero and the numbers 1 through 36. All the numbers are in two colors: either in red, or in black. Though, the zero is not in red or black, but in green.

What is the main and big difference between European and American roulette?

They are the main types of roulette – regardless whether we are in a physical casino, or registered in an online gambling page. Here are the two main differences between American and European roulette, because unlike most people, who see only one difference, we can point you two of them now:

Differences between European and American Roulette

  • The European roulette differs from the American type with its wheel. It appears that any European Roulette wheel has just single zero, whereas the American Roulette wheel has 38 pockets and contains both a single zero and a double zero.
  • The other difference between the two types of roulette is the greatness of the odds. Most experts believe that European roulette has better odds than the American one and we must agree with this for sure.

How to play European roulette?

What you have to do in the beginning is to place your desired bets. You can do this by putting your chips on the appropriate area of the roulette table depending on the type of bet you would like to place. First of all, select a chip denomination and then, click your mouse on the particular zone or zones of the roulette table. We do know two types of roulette bets: the inside and the outside bets. An inside bet is the bet on a single number. Meanwhile, the outside bets are bets on bigger groups of twelve or eighteen roulette numbers.

Tips for European roulette successful playing?

  • Make more outside and less inside bets.
  • Do not place too large stakes, but better increase the number of your bets per sitting on a particular European roulette table.
  • Practice gets you closer to the big success than winnings during your first bets. So make sure you do have experience before getting deeper into the game.
  • Never forget to check out the previous sessions and bets to have statistics in your head.
  • Online casinos are better because no one looks for your emotion, so take benefits of thinking as long and as concentrated as you want!
  • Choose a good casino website to make great roulette bets. If you do care for the European type only, don`t worry – most gambling pages do contain it!

European roulette, no matter how similar is to American one, seems to attract more players. This is a statement we make according to the number of players that play it and those, who prefer American wheel, in the top pages for casino games. Find them now and test your luck at European roulette now!