Are you familiar with French roulette essence and features?

Roulette is by all means one of the most common and preferred gambling game. If you are a layer, you will for sure try it. If you love poker and it is all you like and invest in, still, once or twice per month you will try your luck on the roulette, as well. But roulette cannot be determined as a single game, because it has numerous versions and alternatives to choose from. In most cases gamblers do group them in two European and American styles. And one of the most popular European roulette style is the French style. After appearing as a typical style and being preferred by so many gamblers, a new type of casino roulette was formed – the French roulette. Are you familiar with it? Do you know what are the differences between the French and the rest of roulette types? Today is the day for you to figure them out and to get to know them better. Find out more about French roulette essence and features with us now!

What is French roulette?

french rouletteFrench roulette is a common type of roulette game. To be more specific it is a common European roulette due to the fact that when roulette was divided into two types – Americana and European – the French style of playing roulette game was the basic prototype of European roulette. But apart from this French roulette has its own specifics, too. The French Roulette game is based on the globally approved odds and all common standards of this casino challenge. But what differes French and American roulette mostly is the game table layout. On the other side, the odds are also in different format and style of formation depending on your final win.

Thus, the American roulette table shows the two things: single and double zero. But when we look at the French table, it will show you only the single zero. Also, the shades of the numbers on the French roulette table are white, but American table has red, black and again white numbers. The white numbers are double and single zero. The way the different numbers are placed on the wheel is also not the same in both – the French and the American on. But what is really important for you to know that French roulette has always the better odds in comparison to the American type. Add to this the 50% chance of consumer’s even-money wagers if the wheel stops on zero and French roulette seems to be better than the American or any other European roulette type!

How to play French roulette successfully?

Before giving you the necessary instruction, it is a must to us to tell you that French style has two modern roulette directions that are different, too. But we`ll talk about them later. Now let us tell you in few words how to play French roulette with a potential chance to win:

  • Keep a straight level head and make sure your stakes are mostly low, but regular and strictly made.
  • Put even money when making wagers in to order to get the smallest house edge.
  • Always be prepared to increase your earnings with the available bonuses and promotions on the gambling website.
  • Make sure you change the tables and the gambling websites once in a while to diversify your activity and not to push the system.

French Roulette table

En prison – French roulette rules

En prison is a version of French roulette. According to its rules, if the ball lands in zero, some you will receive half of your bet back, which means that your loss is only part of your wager. There is also another spin, a free ride, where if the ball lands again in zero, you will lose everything. But in case you win, the bet will be relinquished to you. This means you will not win anything actually.

La partage French roulette game

La partage is another version of French roulette and now you will find out more about its rules. In case the ball appears on zero, the player loses half of his wager, but you cannot choose if to remain on the table or to get a free ride. This specific, though, is used only in case of even money bets such as Black and Red section, Odd and Even section, High and Low section. La partage French roulette game is quite classical in France, however, players online usually prefer to get the standard en prison option.

French style of playing roulette does not differ that much from American one. However, make sure you try them both, so you will be able to consider what suits you at most!